Welcome to Soviet-Propaganda.com Store! Selling Russian gear & came since 2002!

Comparison of Soviet-Propaganda.com and competitors:
1) We're Russian registered company with TAX ID, we have street office where you can come and buy things. We have our own paypal account and company in USA to accept checks / money orders.
Private seller, don't pay taxes, don't have tax ID, use 3rd party payment processing, can run away with YOUR money anytime
2) We're biggest SPOSN dealer in Russia meaning we have signed contract with them and carry full range of products & warranty for products we sell, also direct contracts with SPLAV, ANA, NPO-SM and Techinkom.
No contracts, only few items in shop, no warranty.
3) We actually have 95% of items in stock. We take items from shelves, pack them and ship to you ASAP, when possible we do custom order also. We're proud to have over 1000 sposn suits, over 100 sposn vests, over 100 ANA vests, over 100 ANA uniforms, over 350 KLMK suits, over 100 flora uniforms, over 50 6shXX type vests and other items in stock ANYTIME
No stock, when order placed they call manufacturer only to find out that this item is no longer produced or is out of stock. This cause big delays in shipment or cancellation of orders.
4) Besides current production items we're proud to have both soviet era and current army items like KLMK, 6sh92, Flora, VSR, TTsKO just to mention a few.
Only a few items, most of them are easy to get, normally no selection of sizes / patterns available
5) We ship legal items only. By Russian laws helmets, optics and weapon parts are considered illegal.
Would do anything for money, will ship anything legal or not as long as you pay, can lead to problems with customs and delays with shipment.
6) Live support via Skype, AIM, MSN, Yahoo & ICQ, fast response to e-mails. All our workers speak fluent English and are happy to assist no matter if you write us e-mail or give a call.
No live support, poor english, long response time to e-mails.
7) We have team of 3 professionals with combined experience of over 15 years in selling camouflage, we know almost anything about Soviet & Russian camo & gear and always happy to share our knowledge. Soviet-Propaganda.com is running online since 2002
One, maximum two persons working, lack of knowledge and ability to get items and describe them properly. Newly registered domain names with hidden owners.
8) We're proud to have our own pictured photos from multiple sides. We make new photos at constant basis and update website/
Stolen pictures from manufacturer's website or home made pictures on sofa - it's not a way business should be handled.
9) We have 2 offices with a total space over 200 square meters where we store all camouflage & gear.
No property for running business, all extra items are stored somewhere at home and packed at kitchen.
10) Thousands of happy customers worldwide, hundreds of repeat customers and great reputation in airsoft community.
Lack of positive experience, constant problems with delivery / stock.